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There are no words that can describe just how blessed we feel to have Dr. Lesser in our lives. Our lives were turned upside down with [BR’s] diagnosis of an aggressive form of prostate cancer. We were thrown into this big scary world of the UNKNOWN! Shortly thereafter we met and talked with Dr. Lesser on what our next options were to be. As serious as this all was he was somehow able to put us at ease. We knew right then that he was “our angel” sent from heaven, and even though we had just met him, we felt that he was going to do everything possible for BR. It’s been 2 years since BR’s initial surgery, and he recently had corrective surgery in August with results that BR says are a “godsend”. Our family has suffered tremendous losses in the past 5 years, A Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Brother-in-Law, and 2 Nieces, all have passed. And this past year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Whether Dr. Lesser knows it or not his positive approach to my husband’s illness and treatment, has played a big part in my own recovery. We will forever feel indebted to this gifted man.


Dr. Matsunaga is a wonderful and attentive doctor. After a visit to his office, I know my medical issue will be addressed and a solution will be recommended to help resolve my ailment. Also, his staff is great too!


Dr. Lesser is awesome, I appreciate the great job he did and I would refer him to anyone.


Over two years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had to have it removed. My surgeon was Dr Garrett S. Matsunaga. His professionalism and caring ways before and after surgery were extremely comforting to me. Before the surgery I researched Dr. Matsunaga and found him to be extremely skilled in this type of operation. I’m thankful for the gift he has been given and would highly recommend him for anyone in need of this type of robotic surgery.


It was such a pleasure having Dr. Lesser as my surgeon! He did an excellent job on my surgery, and my recovery was quick. He takes time with a patient, has a very professional manner, and is a great diagnostician. He is very thorough with follow-up tests, and always calls back for important questions. Overall, I recommend Dr. Lesser as a surgeon!


Dr. Matsunaga is a wonderful doctor because he listened to my concerns, thoroughly explained the test results and informed me, in plain English, what my options were. His calm, reassuring, friendly demeanor kept my spirits up. His exceptional skills and positive outlook were important factors in my quick recovery from prostate cancer surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Matsunaga to anyone in need of a urologist.


Dr. Timothy Lesser has been my urologist for the past 2 years. I find him to be an outstanding, caring, competent and well trained physician and would highly recommend him to any patient needing expertise urologic care.


I am very fortunate to have chosen you as my urologist after discovering a rising PSA 2 years after having radiation treatment for prostate cancer. My oncologist recommended that I see a urologist back then and gave me your name. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer which you have been aggressively treating along with my prostate cancer with both showing very good results. I have not had any recurrence of bladder cancer for approximately 18 months now and my PSA level is at 0.9. I would like to thank you for taking exceptionally good care of me and for being really pro-active with my cancer treatment and showing a great concern with my health issues. You are always very informative of my conditions, the type of treatments I’m receiving and with the results. I feel very comfortable and confident being under your care. I highly recommended you to my family and friends.


I had been referred to a south bay urologist by my family doctor after a bladder infection was not resolved after one round of antibiotics. This urologist was touted as the best in his field. He ordered two procedures which showed I had cysts and substantial scaring on my bladder. After 12 days on two Cipro following the procedures, I felt I was cured. After the 15th day he cut me down to one Cipro tab a day. Within three days, my symptoms came back with a vengeance. I saw the doctor again and advised him. He informed me I did not have an active infection and that it would take a long time (possibly a year) before my body stopped giving me symptoms of an infection because of the condition of my bladder. He told me to continue only taking one Cipro a day. I suffered for almost three months with lower abdominal pressure, intermittent burning and the constant urge to urinate. I was depressed as I felt would never feel normal again.

I decided to seek a second opinion [and made an appointment with Dr. Morrisroe]. I told Dr. Morrisroe I thought I still had an active infection. She sent my urine out, called me a few days later and advised I did in fact have an infection. She had her nurse give me an antibiotic injection and within 2 hours I felt symptom free. She did not tell me this one injection could cure an infection so I am sure the relief was in no way psychosomatic. I continued for a few weeks on an additional antibiotic to back it up. I have not had another infection since the last one, June 2011. I cannot imagine I would still be suffering if I had continued to see the doctor I was initially referred to. Dr. Morrisroe listened to me. She believed I may have still had an infection because of what I was telling her and was not hindered by the negative test strip in the office. She believed me and sent the urine out. Dr. Morrisroe spent a lot of time with me during each appointment and listened to my concerns. I felt she genuinely cared about my quality of life. I highly recommend her for anyone with bladder issues.


I am sending this letter to show my appreciation for the medical care you’ve provided for me. The advice, treatment and support you offered after my diagnosis with prostate cancer was professional and timely. Once again I would like to say thank you for the happiness you and the blessings of God have brought me. I would highly recommend your services to my family and friends.

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